Sustainable development Ensuring decent working conditions

Ensuring decent working conditions

Not only does Abi produces high-quality and safe food products for consumers with different taste preferences and income levels, but we also create jobs.
The company employs more than 11,500 people in various areas: food production, distribution throughout Russia, marketing, IT, etc. The company provides extensive opportunities for training, professional development, and career growth.
Abi's goal is to become the best company for its employees.

Creating a comfortable working environment is our mission. We offer our employees a comprehensive support program, including free health care, free meals for production complex employees, corporate transportation, and cell phone service coverage.

As the leader in our industry, we are interested in having the most professional and qualified employees. Abi offers opportunities for professional development, including training at its own Corporate University, where each employee can improve their skills and even get a second profession.

Free health care
Meals for employees of production complexes
Cell phone
service coverage
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The main goal of the Occupational Safety and Health Policy is to preserve the health of employees during their course of work.

Through a set of measures that are elements of the labor protection management system and include measures to identify, assess and reduce the levels of occupational risks, the company protects employees from harmful and dangerous factors that can affect their health.