About us Our culture

Our culture

Abi is a company consisting of professional people engaged in the development and production of delicious and diverse food products, which are easy and convenient to cook.
Our Purpose
To offer every person in the world the pleasure of delicious food and more time to communicate with friends and family, development, hobbies – all that makes up our life and brings joy to it.
We strive to cooperate with different countries and cultures, believe in cooperation in order to bring social and economic benefits to people and communities around the world.
We create value-added products and follow our goal based on our values.
Our Strategy
To be the best in everything we do through the creation of successful protein brands. To contribute to the future by offering the best products to our consumers, by building respectful relationships with our partners, team and the communities in which we live and work.
Our Values


Each member of our team achieves results and knows how to do it most efficiently. We monitor the stability of the high quality of the result.


We are proactive and take full responsibility for our work.


Professionalism, expertise, knowledge of our business area to the smallest detail. Willingness to learn and develop.

Consistency and progression

Integrity, consistency, clarity transparency and conscientiousness in everything we do.
Our Culture

We are

Our DNA = strong protein brands + professional people + Practicality + System + Energy.

We work efficiently

We solve problems and achieve goals in the most effective way.
With a smart and resourceful approach, we think about every step of the way. We make decisions based on analysis.

We create unique brands and products

We listen and understand the consumer, create unique brands and products that meet the expectations of people all over the world.

Practice - oriented

We know the processes from the basics. We know what to do and how to achieve results by proving it In the business cases.

Honesty and transparency

We strictly follow ethical standards. We treat people fairly and with respect, welcome diversity, accept differences and do not tolerate illegal actions.

We do not stop there

  • Energy, dynamics and development. Always moving forward. We never stop.
  • We want more from ourselves, from our results, from our team. We grow above ourselves and improve. Our team is very involved in the life of the company.
  • We are never satisfied with second positions and average results. We are standing up for the best ideas, figures and solutions.
Our Benefits
Everything we do helps us create value for our customers, partners, and employees.

For consumers

  • Unique brands in different categories of convenient and easy-to-prepare food.
  • Taste. Stability of taste characteristics of all products.
  • Understanding. We focus on the consumer and respond to his request.

For partners

  • Stability. Reliability of a company that is constantly evolving.
  • Consistency. Result orientation, consistency, well-established business processes, control.
  • Creativity. Creativity in product, naming, packaging and communication solutions.