Abi – Russia’s leading manufacturer of convenient and easy-to-prepare products. For more than 25 years (established in 1995), the company specializes in the production of sausage products, frozen food, and frozen semi-finishes.

Abi today

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$861,5 Million (2023)
Sales volume:
428 000 tons per year (2023)
Geographic footprint:
More than 12 countries, including the CIS and the Middle East
More than
12 000 employees

Sales leader in all categories
of its presence in Russia

According to the GfK consumer panel, Abi is the sales leader in all categories of its presence in Russia: "sausages and sausage products", "frozen semi-cooked products", and "frozen fully cooked products", the company's market share is 13.2%, 10.7%, and 15.6%, respectively*. It is in the TOP 500 largest companies in terms of revenues in Russia (according to RBC-500 rating).
Market shares
sausages and sausage products
frozen semi-cooked food
frozen fully cooked products

Strong brands

The Abi portfolio includes the following brands: “Vyazanka” “Hot Stuff”, “Bavarushka”, “Starodvor'ye”, “Yadryona kopot” and Foodgital. The company's distribution network covers almost all regions in Russia, the Customs Union (Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus), and Abkhazia and Azerbaijan. Our brands are present in all Federal retail chains of Russia, most local networks, and more than 175,000 retail outlets. Our brand products are available to more than 140 million Russian residents.

High competency

Research shows that Abi brands are recognized by 7 out of 10 residents of Russia. Our brands have won various people’s trust awards, including “Brand №1 in Russia”, Effie Awards, and is a winner of medals and diplomas in prestigious competitions and exhibitions such as “IFFA”, “World Food”, and “Prodexpo”. Abi is a multiple-time winner of “100 Best Goods of Russia”. 
* Between the periods 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2023, it ranks first in volume of purchases in kg by households in Russia for products in the markets of sausages and sausage products, frozen semi-cooked food, and frozen fully cooked products. According to the consumer panel of GFK-Rus LLC, the sample size is 10,000 households in Russia for sausages and sausage products and frozen semi-cooked food and 20,000 households in Russia for frozen fully cooked products.